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CBF Reference and Referral is a free service to ministers and churches that is supported by financial gifts from individuals and churches to CBF. The LeaderConnect system is a resume-matching service of CBF Reference and Referral, which will greatly enhance our efficiency and capability in assisting you in getting your resume into the hands of suitable search committees.

As you begin the registration process, you will be guided in the development of a detailed profile and attach your own personal, formatted resume. Developing the profile requires that we ask a number of questions that help in refining the matching process so that it is as accurate as possible. Click here to print out a PDF of the questions prior to entering your information if you wish to do so. 

Once the Reference and Referral team receives your profile, you will receive email confirmation and a follow-up phone call from a member of the Reference and Referral team. The information you provided will then be used in a matching process, which identifies churches for which you might be a good fit.

In the interest of protecting the confidentiality of the information you provide in developing your profile, we can assure you that no church will be able to review all resumes or information on the site. Once your information comes up as a match for churches in the system and the match is verified by the Reference and Referral team, your resume and profile summary will be sent to those churches. You will also receive an email notification each time your resume is sent to a church.

This password protected site enables you to update your information as well as see where your resume has been sent. Please log into your profile and keep your information updated so that churches have access to your most up-to-date information.

The Reference and Referral team will be available to answer questions and further assist as needed throughout the process. You can contact our team at any time at 770-220-1635 or


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CBF's LeaderConnect is a virtual relationship matching database that connects Cooperative Baptist ministers and churches for vibrant ministry. CBF is your partner for Reference and Referral!