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With more than 1,850 partnering churches, the Fellowship exists to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission. We believe that a church which has found the particular person God intends to serve as pastor or in a staff leadership role is poised to do great ministry and witness in the community, in the nation and around the world as they fulfill that mission. That person will, in turn, be a great blessing to that local church and its ministry and witness.

The resumes posted on this site, as well as the information submitted by churches, come under our scrutiny before ever making it to the site. As you go through the process, we are available to help you in every step.

As search committees enter the process, they will be guided in developing a detailed profile of their church. Candidates will also enter information which generates a profile along with making available their resumes. The information provided by each is then used in a matching process with the selection of resumes of those candidates who might be a good fit for a particular church. Once the matches have been reviewed and approved by the system administrator, they are then sent to churches.

Strict confidentiality is provided in that churches are unable to randomly review resumes just as candidates will not have access to the information provided by churches.

Developing a well-defined profile requires that we ask many questions. Some of them may not apply to your particular situation, but we have tried to be thorough in asking relevant questions to help refine the matching process as accurately as possible. Answer as many as are appropriate. Click here to print out a PDF of the questions if you wish to discuss them as a committee before entering your information.

At any point, if you have questions about the process, you may contact the LeaderConnect staff (Craig Janney, 770-220-1635 or cjanney@cbf.net) for assistance.

The link below will take you to a number of resources and helps designed to assist you as you go about your task.

Pastor Search Committee Helpful Resources